Upperclass Honors Housing Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Who is welcome in upperclass Honors housing?

A: Everyone! We invite anyone to apply for our upperclass housing community. Priority is given to students in the Honors Joint Degree or Honors Distinction programs, but we welcome anyone who wants more a living experience on the Honors level. As with all LLCs and all on-campus housing, you must have a housing guarantee through Panther Central.

Q: If I previously haven’t lived in Honors housing, am I still eligible to apply for upperclass Honors housing?

A: Absolutely! Any student is eligible to apply. Roughly 1/3 of students currently in Upperclass Honors Housing did not live in Honors Housing prior to this year.

Q: Do suite/apartment mates have to be the same gender?

A: No. All apartment-style living at the University of Pittsburgh can be with students of a different gender if you wish. If you are randomly assigned a roommate or suitemate, they will be the same gender as you.

Q: Can I apply on my own to Upperclass Honors Housing or do I need suite/apartment mates?

A: You are more than welcome to apply as an individual! If you do, you will be randomly assigned roommates within the LLC.

Q: Where is upperclass Honors housing located?

A: In 2021-2022, the upperclass LLC was located in Forbes Craig apartments and Brackenridge Hall. For 2022-23, we are planning to be located in Forbes Craig apartments. However, as with all LLCs, this has the possibility of changing.

Q: Wait, I’m an incoming first-year student – how can I live in Honors housing as a first-year?

A: Check out the first-year Honors housing process here!

Q: Can I apply for a specific building or room type in the LLC?

A: You cannot choose your hall or room type on the application - you're just applying to live in the LLC in general. After you're admitted to the LLC, you'll be able to select your specific room/apartment out of all the available spaces in the LLC across all living options. That selection order is based on a mix of your Panther Central lottery number, class standing, and roommate group size. 

Q: What happens if I'm not admitted into upperclass Honors housing? 

A: If you're not accepted into the LLC, you will be entered in the upperclass general room selection process which takes place in March. You cannot enter in the suite/apartment bid process because that takes place at the same time as the LLC process. 

Q: I have a question that’s not answered here – what should I do next?

A: Feel free to reach out to Parker Werns, assistant director of student engagement, at paw64@pitt.edu, as well as Panther Central via phone (412-648-1100) or email (panthercentral@pitt.edu).

Details about applying for Honors housing »